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Welcome to our Movement!
The story so far...........

It is now a growing trend, those in the hair & beauty service industry, are choosing to work from home for many different reasons, lifestyle, starting a family, wanting to be their own boss, sick of working in a salon, and the list goes on.

Another reason for this trend is, clients are no longer happy getting lost in a busy salon, sometimes feeling forgotten about in the chair or bed, so with the intimate setting of a home salon becoming more appealing, savvy consumers are making the switch.

As a Hairdresser myself working from home for nearly 5 years, my challenges were isolation, lack of ongoing education and connection with other stylists. With being constantly challenged by juggling family, business, clients and everything in between I figured there must have been other hair/beauty business owners who felt the same way, so our network was born!

To your salon success....

Elise xx

Hair & Beauty From Home Founder & Your Home Salon Ambassador

Our mission is to support, educate, inspire, mentor & coach salon owners from home to really succeed in business, become a member today!


Can't wait to see you soon!


We encourage all our at home hair & Beauty salons to be registered for tax obligations, fully insured, registered with their local council and to follow their regulations. We do all we can in regards to access to education, knowledge and up to date legislation and laws in our industry. Hair & Beauty From Home excepts no responsibility for any of our members or any of their work within their own businesses.


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