Do clients regularly tell you that your prices are too expensive?

Has it really got you thinking..... "Am I too expensive"?

We hear of many home salon owners who are not pricing effectively and not charging enough, but on the other end of the spectrum, there are clients who feel they are over charged for their service, and may feel your price point is too expensive.

The answer isn't what you think it is, clients have money to spend, and are happy to pay what ever price you put on your services, but I can assure you there is only one reason why an ill feeling around your prices comes up....


That's it!

The client didn't feel they got their money's worth for your service.

YOUR job as business owner, is to provide more value than you receive in money every time!

SO instead of asking yourself "are my prices too expensive?"​

You really need to be asking yourself, "Am I providing unbelievable value and service consistently, that exceeds the price point my clients pay?"

You shouldn't have to justify to your client your prices.

If they question your price, you have already lost.

By you demanding that your worth a certain amount per hour, the fact you have overheads, you have expenses, you have to pay tax, super, insurances, blah blah blah... is not going to make your client feel any better handing over the asked amount.


All a client cares about is one thing.......

'Did you give me what I want, and did you make me feel valued and special​'.

If you nail this for a client, It doesn't matter what your price is.

​If you fail in those areas, you have successfully turned your customer into a price driven client, which is a client who now compares your service based on price, not the value you give.

You now also have a heap of competition, as your client is now looking for someone else who can offer the value they crave, and if you don't pick up your value game, that client will not return. Where as before, competition didn't exist as your clients felt loved and valued, so cheating was never a thought.

With spring only a few months away, now is the time to work on ways to improve your value​, and ensure the perceived value is evident, the love and care is there, and loyalty will follow.


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Posted by Elise
June 22, 2017

HBFH founder, passionate & proud home salon owner, educator, mentor, speaker & creative entrepreneur.

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