Ever had one of 'those clients?'

Ever had one of 'those clients?'

You know one of 'those clients' that rings you at 9am, asking to come in 1/2 an hour for an emergency?

Or a client that calls you at 4:30am,  leaves a voicemail as they are up for the day and assume the rest of the world is?

Or a client that you go out of your way for, then just makes up some Bulls*#t excuse as to why they can't make their appointment?

We have all have had those clients, they are rare, and don't happen often (well hopefully), but they do pop up, and many of the discussion in our community around these clients do tend to be quite interactive, as most of us shake our head, and think ​to yourself 'are you for real lady?'

I know right, who in their right  mind would be a client like the above? Well Me actually.

Wait, what?

That's right, i'm ashamed to put up my hand and say i have been a client like explained above, and i was devastated as  i know the business ​put me in that box of 'one of those clients', and there is just no going back........

Late last year, i injured myself playing netball on a Thursday evening, i stuffed up my back and i was in so much pain! I could barley walk, i couldn't lay down, and trying to go to bed and sleep that night, well it wasn't pretty. I had to message my full day of clients for the next day (Friday), late that night (around 9pm) to let them know i had to reschedule them when i got my back fixed....

I Wake up Friday morning, could barely move, couldn't make kids lunches, so i was barking orders from the bedroom to get everyone ready and out the door with lunch orders, so i could ring the physio at 9am to get this sorted.

My 9 year old little girl had already been to the toilet 3 times that morning, and came in and started to complain of a sore tummy and didn't think she could go to school.... well you could guess my response.....

"No way kiddo! I'm in so much pain, you're going to school, you're not dying, go and get dressed!​" You know just like a caring mum would say!

She made it to getting dressed, and it was all too much for her, so she grabbed a heat pack and sat on the couch in protest, insisting she was not going to school. Great! I can barely walk, in so much pain, all i can focus on was getting my back fixed by ringing every physio in my area until someone could get me in ASAP, the last thing i wanted to deal with was dragging her along with me! GRRR..

After 5 phone calls and some tears i got in to a local physio (new client, never been to a physio, they were probably hoping i was even going to rock up), for a morning appointment, and i was on my way, with my 9 year old in tow holding a heat pack to her tummy. She wouldn't dare whinge to me about her belly ache, she could see how much i was hurting, so she kept her mouth closed, walked slow and followed me in.​

The physio helped a little, but i was still in so much pain, so the young physio suggested i come back ASAP for another appointment, to get the pain sorted and get my strength back. The next day was a Saturday, and he was fully booked​. Great! He was so kind, he knew i needed his help, so he said " i don't do this very often, but how about i come in an hour earlier tomorrow, and i see you at 8am?"

OMG, i was so grateful​, and thanked him immensely for helping me and definitely agreed for him to come in earlier, what a champ, i was really impressed.

Hobbled out, got into the car (very slow), to which my 9 year old says "mum,  i'm so sorry, don't freak out but can you please call can ambulance?"​

Wait a minute, are you serious? This is coming from a kid who has broken plenty of bones, has a really high pain tolerance, and is a massively tough built kid. She had my attention and all of a sudden my massive back pain was not the focus anymore, my appointment i had just made just took a back seat, and my focus was on my little bubba who is now in the foetal position in the back seat. 

If you have ever had appendicitis you know the kind of pain that goes with it, my little one had surgery that night, and by 4:30am she was out and back in the ward, and i needed sleep! But wait, I had an appointment in 3.5 hours and i had no idea what to do, they had gone out on a limb for me, made the appointment special for me, what the heck am i going to do?

What would you do?

That's right, right then i became one of those clients, i made the decision to ring at 4:30am from my daughters bedside and leave a voicemail message apologising that i was unable to make my appointment at 8am.

Do you know how stupid i sounded? I could just imagine the look on the lucky person that listened to my voicemail the next day. It went something like this "hi, i'm really sorry, i'm with my daughter in hospital and i can't make my 8am appointment, can you please call me back on 0405xxxxxxx, and i will have to make another time."

I bet they got that message and thought "yeah right lady, you just couldn't afford your appointment and you are making up some excuse as to why you can't come", or "i can't believe the lengths some people will go to get out of an appointment, seriously your daughters in hospital? haha, you're probably drunk from a Friday night out on the town and you will have a hangover at 8am!"

How do i know these responses would have been the conversation in the physio office that day? That's right, as i've had clients like that and i know the excuses they feed me are totally 98% made up.

Do you think they called me back? lol um No.

What have i learnt from being one of those clients? Although at face value, it seems like they have no respect for you or your business, but NEVER EVER Judge, or assume.

Be professional at all times, caring and understanding as you never know (and may not want to know) the real story behind why clients do things they do.​

So my question to you is, have you ever been one of 'those clients?'​

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