Like us or not, home salons are not something that will just ‘go away’. Bushy side burns, over grown mullets and tadpole eyebrows are a thing of the past, but thankfully unlike a scary 80’s trend, home salons are here to stay.

With the hair & beauty industry no longer feeling confined to the four walls of a bricks and mortar shop front at your local strip shop, plaza or shopping centre, home salons are taking over!

Hairdressers and beauticians alike have figured out, they can work from home, enjoy their passions, work around family, serve clients & not have to stress about the huge overheads, staffing issues & big rent. With Hairdressers and beauticians/beauty therapists being in one of the lowest paying industries in Australia, if there was a way to do what you loved, and generate an income you could actually live off, wouldn’t you look at setting up from home too?

This trend is getting bigger and according to experts in the supply industry, 50% of their business is supplying to hairdressers and beauticians who are running a business from home.

Now, thanks to the power of our community and home salons now adopting a big voice, home salons are actually making their mark in the world!

With very well known industry experts running and operating home salons, home salons now being allowed to enter well known competitions and being finally recognised for their skill instead of where they choose to do business.

We still have a long way to go, we have cleared a path, and now the real work begins. By connecting home salons with education in not only skill set, but industry standards & business skills, then the party can really start.

Unfortunately, industry associations have turned a blind eye, support is hard to come by, and with industry as a whole sadly adopting a concept home salons are somehow posing a threat and risk to our industry, some new light needs to be shed in this area….

For the last 3 years we have been creating momentum, creating a tribe and a community of home salons, uniting & banding together. It’s safe to say, the tides are turning and the hair & beauty industry is on the verge of some amazing, positive and an influential change, just around the corner.

Who would have thought as little as 3 years ago, you only dared whispered you were a home salon amongst your industry peers, and you certainly didn’t say it with much confidence, as the general reaction from anyone in the industry was similar to the face you make when you eat a sour pickle.

Even if you were game enough to engage in a discussion like that, it was more than likely followed with things like “oh, so you’re not a real hairdresser”, or “we spend most of our time fixing dodgy eyelash jobs from you back-yarders”.

I could create a collection of memoirs & some of the articles that have been made insulting, humiliating and in jest remarks aimed at demoralising home salons, that’s all very interesting now looking back, but when you are in the battlefield all alone, that stuff eats at you!

So moving forward in our industry, the attitude of “let’s just ignore home salons and just hope they go away”, just will not work anymore.

With the power of community, the power in numbers, home salons now have the support they need, the help and advice they need, access to education they need, and the voice they need to confidently be seen (and heard) as a valuable asset within our thriving Hair & Beauty industry.

Join the #HBFHtribe today!

Elise x






HBFH founder, passionate & proud home salon owner, educator, mentor, speaker & creative entrepreneur.

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