Pricing For Profit

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Don't feel you have the confidence to charge what you really deserve?

Not making enough money, and not sure how to go about a price rise?

Feel you need to discount your services just to get clients in the door?

Think you're too cheap?

Think you're too expensive?

Struggling to find the prices that are right for you and your business?

Both Elise & Grace have over 18 years combined experience running successful home salons (and still do today)!

Having made many pricing mistakes, learnt the hard lessons in pricing services in their own salon, now you can fast track your success and get your pricing on point, right from the start!

Elise UllrichHair & Beauty From Home

With seeing so many lovely home salon, and solo operators struggle with creating their pricing, that not only creates a profit, but pricing that they have the confidence to charge without discounting, was such a motivation in creating some education in this area. With NOT being a natural 'numbers' person i wanted to make it easy to follow, simple to understand and straight forward with making it a little less 'boring' and a little more 'fun'!

Grace VassalloBehind The Hair

Many home salon owners feel so challenged in asking for money they know they deserve, with endless doubts around feeling they are 'overpriced' or even worse, feeling as though they need to 'discount' to get clients in the doors! With a strong passion in setting up home salons to succeed in business, I can't wait to share education in this area for you all!

Let's work out who this is for...

What will you learn?

    • Clear your money blocks & fears around money and making more of it!
    • Get clarity on what you're really worth!
    • Get a firm understanding of your numbers and what it's REALLY costing you to run your business.
    • Learn the skills to confidently charge your worth.
    • Get clarity on what you need to charge to make more money and really be rewarded for what you do!
    • Learn effective ways to create more money, more profit & not even alter your current prices!

Who is this NOT for?

    • You're already confident in your pricing, you know your numbers in business and making good profit (awesome)!
    • If you run a business that provides a price for you, and you have no control over the amount you charge (direct sales, mlm, franchises etc)
    • You're not committed or serious about your business and doing what it takes to make it happen
    • Your wanting us to create your prices for you and your business.
    • Those of you who are not willing to invest in yourself, your education or your business

 Hair & Beauty From Home Vision

"To support, educate and mentor every home salon in Australia!"